Website Copywriting and Planning Services

Copywriting – Messaging to Match

You provide flawless funtionality as a developer, and with a smart design your client’s website looks amazing! Does the message match the quality of what you’ve delivered?

Simply conveying information does not always lead to the sale. Persuasive, well-crafted messaging is a must for a website to be truly effective.

That’s what I help your clients create. Whether I coach them in writing their own content, or I craft the message myself, the result will be clear, concise and compelling.

Your client will be thrilled with a website that is beautiful, functions perfectly, and has a message that hits all the right notes.

Planning – Freedom to Get to Work

As a developer, your income is based on how quickly you can turn out a website. But the process can get bogged down by clients that don’t understand the process, have constant questions and want to make design changes after mock-ups have been approved.

I understand the client’s enthusiasm, and I also  know just what you need to sit down and get to work on developing the site.

  • theme, color, font, and image choices
  • a site map including all desired links, widgets and sidebar items
  • good content ready to drop into the body of each page
  • a complete list of all products with pictures, prices and descriptions

The time savings would allow you to complete more projects each month, increasing revenue, while saving you the hassle of the back and forth with the client.

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Christa May – Wordsmith