The Nonprofit Dilemma

Demand and Supply

You’re caught in a dilemma: the need for your services is great, but your budget is small.

As the seasons change, families facing hardship will need even more assistance. At the same time, you’ve already spent most of your budget on programs.

Now is the time to start planning your year-end fundraising campaign.

But, will you get all the funding you need to keep your critical programs running at full capacity?

And, what about new programs? Do you need to expand, but lack the resources to do it?

It might be time to look into what a professional writer can provide your organization.

Christa May is a nonprofit consultant and copywriter who understands that you need every marketing dollar to count.

With captivating stories and an engaging writing style, she delivers effective copy, ensuring that each word works together to pack a punch that gets donations rolling in.